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Keensited Web Works is the Internet solution for your business. We can help you build a Web site that has:
Fast-loading pages and graphics
First impressions are important! Your Web site must present the best possible first impression, persuading your visitor to linger rather than click the Back button out.

For an outstanding first impression, you need fast-loading pages and graphics. How many times have you visited a promising Web site, only to twiddle your thumbs while the supposedly dazzling effects load? Most people visit Web sites searching for content relevant to a task at hand. Certainly that is what prospective customers are doing on the Web. They don't want to play around. You want to make sure that at least your home page downloads quickly and efficiently and that large graphics and animations are served on linked-to pages and only to the visitor willing to wait for them to load.

An attractive design that keeps the visitor's eye moving over the page
For that positive first impression you also need a compelling design, with strong eye appeal. Graphics should be placed so that your visitor's eyes keeps "tracking the page."

Of course, every one of your graphics, animations, video clips, and audio files should serve a clear purpose; they should make a positive contribution to the site and make it more interesting.

Finally, you want to be sure that your design looks beautiful on all the possible computers, browsers, and resolutions that your prospective visitors will have. You want colors, typefaces, and layouts that are "safe" for the Web. We help you persuade with the Web medium, not just play with it.

A self-evident navigation clearly indicating where to find information on your site
How many times have you visited a promising Web site only to become frustrated trying to find the content you are looking for? How many times have you become lost within a site because there was no clear title indicating where you were? Keensited Web Works ensures that your site will not frustrate its visitors like this.

Can the visitor to your site easily learn about your product and service? Is the content of your site well organized and easy to find (no more than three clicks, for example)? Is there appropriate interactivity? Can the visitor move around easily within the site? Are the directions clear and easy to follow? Is it easy to see how to place an order?

We help you make your site easy to access and easy to use. Navigation between your pages should be apparent, predictable, and easy. Your visitor probably wants to find things relevant to the task at hand without thinking about the navigation, and he or she gets frustrated quickly.

There is more to ease of use than a mere "navigation bar," however. We help you focus on just the specific pieces of information that are necessary to answer a limited number of important needs of the target audience you have identified. What distinguishes a professional-level Web site is its consistency and the quality of its look and feel, and your site achieves that level when it focuses on your audience's needs. With that focus, we can help you sensibly structure your site, paying attention to physical arrangement, load time, linking between self-contained pages, and overall consistency.

We also help you improve your position in the search engines. There are all kinds of tricks with this, and we will help you with the legitimate tactics, but our biggest help will be in ensuring that every bit of content on your site is relevant to your business.

A consistent brand image, representing the uniqueness of your business
We can be the digital marketing arm for your business, ensuring that your Web site is your best sales representative.

Your company has excellent products and provides superb service. Keensited Web Works can help you effectively build a solid case for your products and services. We can help you explain how your business provides solutions to customer problems.

Why do you want to be on the Web in the first place? Remember: Your business Web site represents your business, 24/7. When building your site, don't just throw up a "Web presence." You should focus on the real purpose of your business, your business's "core competence."

Your site should represent you seamlessly; it should be consistent with your printed materials, your broadcast advertising, and your storefront. Everything people encounter about your business ought to present a consistent brand image, a single message to your prospects and customers that clearly communicates why they should do business with you.

You can be assured that the Web site we produce for you will not be made from a cookie-cutter template, such as you might get out of popular Web-page software applications sold in a computer store. You want your site to be memorable and to represent you specifically. And personally, too: Why would a visitor want to do business with a cold and impersonal Web site that gives no sense that yours is a business actually run by living, breathing human beings?

You want those who visit your site to become buyers of your products and services. Why would they do this? Because your site clearly educated them about what you have to offer--with case studies, testimonials, details about how your service works--and helped to convince them, without hyperbole or hucksterism, that they needed what you have to offer. It explained to them how you can make a difference.

From fuzzy brainstorming concept to displaying live on the Web, we help you persuade visitors that your site is their source for the product or service they need, the information they need, the inspiration they need.

We don't stop there, however. After making that solid first impression, your Web site should be carefully maintained with timely updates, interesting interactivity, and a tailored customer interface to build long-term relationships with a loyal clientele. Keensited Web Works can help you retain customers for repeat sales.

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